Lending Club Sandbox: Day 5

Some of my Lending Club notes are finally starting to get issued! But this means I still have at least another month to wait before I start seeing any principal & interest payments. And even after 4 more days of automated investing & manual investments, my entire $2,500 investment is still not committed to notes ($475 remains in available cash). Here’s a summary of my account as it stands now::

It appears that there are days at a time that Lending Club does not have new notes available to investors. It seems like their inventory is a little too small for someone like me who is just starting out and trying to make a running start. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying the art of looking at notes and trying to decide whether that note might be a safe investment:

Example Note

This person has trouble spelling their job title (a “consultant”), but you can see a lot of details about their credit history, their home ownership status, their length of employment and income, etc.


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